keep it short and sweet

zara floral shorts

niamh: tank tops, american eagle, h&m; necklace, primark; shoes, tkmaxx.

fifi: sandals, tkmaxx; lace crop top, primark; clock pendant, river island; wayfarer glasses, ray ban.


  1. You both look soo beautiful, nice pictures!

  2. This blog is awful...

    Oh I get it now, it's fat girl versus skinny girl?!

    S like this is the reason people don't take Irish people in fashion seriously.

  3. OMG that was such a rude thing to say! It's just a blog - not really 'Irish people in fashion'. Both of these girls are beautiful - it's not a competition. I love this blog because it shows you different ways to wear the same thing. Such a brilliant idea. How rude to call the girls "fat" and "skinny". Both outfits are great, however personally I prefer the first outfit (Niamh) because it is more the style that I am into - I don't like croptops as a trend. Girls, do not pay any attention to the above comment - I am a huge fan of the blog and will keep coming back for more. It looks great and it is obvious that you are such good friends. You have so much fun with your photos - I'm just sorry to see such a negative comment!

  4. yeah - that person was rather rude. I like how two people with different body types wear the same pair of shorts -

    just shows that anyone can rock similar styles. : )

  5. I love the shorts. And yes, both pictures are great! You can never, ever go wrong with florals! The girls hair in the olive shirt is sooo pretty. Jealous :)

    Ignore the unnecessary negativity.

  6. I totally love your style! And I'm happy you like my style (and my blog as well), feel so honored!
    Unfortunately it's in Swedish but I'm considering doing a new one in English, so keep looking for new updates!
    And continue to read my blog, I really do appreciate it! I will definitely continue reading yours!


  7. This is a fantastic summer outfit.
    The white and pink are really fresh!
    and the shoes are a huge statement.
    :) x

  8. thanks for your lovely comment!
    what a unique concept for your blog: to show the same item word differently on 2 different people... love it :)

  9. love your blog, your outfits are soo interesting!
    check out mine if you get the chance :)

  10. Aw you look so adorable in those floral shorts!
    I am having a giveaway (starts at midnight tonight) Be sure to stop by :)

    xo Lynz

  11. love the crop top and the sandals. adorable!

  12. this is a very interesting idea for a blog, glad you are enjoying mine!

    niamh- you look a little bit like maggie gyllenhal, atleast in these pictures you do, i actually thought the first picture was maggie gyllenhal.
    fifi- that top is adorable

  13. OMG That anonymous person is so rude!
    You are a beautiful girl and what other people say is not important! The best relation you can have is the reltion with yourself!
    Love your blog and the outfits and pictures are beautiful!
    Xoxo Birgitte

  14. loved your blog, great idea to have both of you wearing the same outfit in a different way. great pictures too

  15. Thks for your passage !
    A beautiful short !
    And a nice blog !
    Bise ♥

  16. love those shorts!

  17. thanks for your lovely comment!
    thanks for the visit!!!!

  18. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!
    I like the way both of you wore those adorable shorts. The braided hair is super cute and the lace top is lovely.


  19. I really love the idea of this blog! And sorry, but I think the shorts look better with the lacy crop top :). Very whimsical hippy, my style lol.

    Thanks for blogging!

  20. very beautiful, love the long curly hair hunn!
    thans for the comment btw.

    love your blog! keepitup.

  21. Amazing shorts and lace tank

  22. love the last outfit definitely my fav!

  23. Hi girls!

    Yes we have a group blog too! isnt it so much fun! hahahha glad you enjoy our blog, I love yours too. Great outfit posts and photography!