vĂȘtements de danse (pouvez vous nous aider?)

Awear jumpsuit:

Fifi and Niamh Call A Truce…

A very belated Happy New Years to ye all. 2011 is certainly going to be an interesting one. For us Wardrobe Wars girls things could not be changing more and in order to keep this little hobby of ours moving forward we will be needing your help.

In a few days Niamh will be heading to Ghana for six months! We imagined putting together archives of outfits posts but, unfortunately too many things got in our way. Now it looks like Wardrobe Wars will be going a new direction until July anyway.

Until then, we need some of ye friendy, stylish people to step in as quest bloggers. We’ve met so many great bloggers this year, whether Irish or those of you from around the world. Thank you for support, award nominations and continuosly coming back to us. If any of ye would be interested in working with us let us know and we will get planning.

Lets hope 2011 will be one for new experiences, styles and WARS of course!

Fifi and Niamh